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Move On Programme / आगे बढ़ो योजना

Move On Programme / आगे बढ़ो योजना

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LINK will come on EMAIL /  लिंक ईमेल पर आएगा

Digital Gandhi has made 30 videos for 30 days out of his 15 years of experience to get you out of your Past



Learn Secrets to Move On from Experts to 😎 *Restart your life*  & become more *Attractive* 😍 for your ex without stress.   




The entire idea of the plan is to help you get over a breakup and overcome the challenges and fears in the most simple way.


What you get 

- Normal : 30 videos for 30 days

- VIP : includes personalised sessions with experts

LINK will come on EMAIL /  लिंक ईमेल पर आएगा


    Who this course is for:
    • This course is for you if -
    • You've just BROKEN UP with your partner.
    • You've BEEN STUCK on your ex longer than you would care to be.
    • You're on the VERGE of a break up.
    • You want to stop attracting THE SAME kind of person over and over again.
    • Want to STOP THE BEHAVIORS that are preventing you from having a relationship that works.
    • Want to know who REALLY IS RIGHT for you personally.
    • If you are tired of searching how to overcome a breakup articles on the internet
    What you'll learn
    • Get over your breakup fast.
    • Stop you from attracting the same kind of person over and over again.
    • Release any behaviors that are unconsciously ruining your relationships.
    • Uncover the kind of person you're really going to most compatible with.

    After you go through the online videos in the program you’ll know the insider strategies and tactics that will shatter your past limits – and quickly create a life you LOVE.

    The Course that has taught countless people just like you a step-by-step formula to:

    • Increase your happiness swiftly and noticeably
    • Destroy the top 3 fears that have kept you from your best life
    • 5X your productivity, confidence and passion
    • and much more…

    Why This Course is for you : After my TEDx talk touching 2 million views I wanted to create this course to help out people who even I can't reach.I wanted to answer all the questions possible.

    I wanted to create a detailed course on moving on from heartbreaks happened cause of your lover,dreams or any other failures.I have put in my 10 years experience in one course to help you become great.From simple concepts to love and Friendzone we discuss concepts like suicide to Depression.

    About Digital Gandhi 

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