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Digital Gandhi Private Consultation

Digital Gandhi Private Consultation

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Onkar K Khullar aka Digital Gandhi is a Breakup guru who helps fixing love problems.He is the Biggest Marriage counsellor in India with over a million followers and 500 shows across the globe.

30 minute Private Call will guide you in resolving conflicts, improving communication, and strengthening your bond with your partner for a happier, healthier relationship.

30 मिनट की निजी कॉल संघर्षों को सुलझाने, संचार में सुधार करने और एक खुशहाल, स्वस्थ रिश्ते के लिए अपने साथी के साथ अपने बंधन को मजबूत करने में आपका मार्गदर्शन करेगी।

Digital Gandhi Has personally spoken to more than 4000+ people over call in the past 3 years alone. डिजिटल गांधी ने व्यक्तिगत रूप से पिछले 3 वर्षों में 4000 से अधिक लोगों को कॉल किया है।

Considering divorce? Feeling lost in your marriage? Digital Gandhi, India's leading online couple therapist, can help.

We specialize in:

  • Marriage Counselling: Rebuild communication, resolve conflict, and rekindle intimacy before considering divorce lawyers and divorce papers.
  • Couple Therapy: Whether you're a wife, husband, or partner, address challenges and rediscover a stronger connection with your spouse.
  • Online Marriage Counselling: Receive expert guidance and support from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Digital Gandhi is your alternative to divorce lawyers. We help couples:

  • Explore all options before resorting to divorce.
  • Develop healthier communication skills to navigate challenges.
  • Find win-win solutions and strengthen your marital bond.

Don't walk the path of divorce alone. Start your journey to a stronger marriage today. Contact Digital Gandhi, India's trusted therapist for couples, for online marriage counselling that works.

Call Waiting / फोन का इंतज़ार


Instructions / अनुदेश

  • Try to tell your problem in 2 lines instead of telling full story.
  • पूरी कहानी बताने के बजाय 2 लाइन में अपनी समस्या बताने की कोशिश करें
  • Please discuss 1 problem only / कृपया केवल 1 समस्या पर चर्चा करें

Please Make Sure / कृपया यह सुनिश्चित करें

  • Good internet connection or networks / अच्छा इंटरनेट कनेक्शन या नेटवर्क
  • Quite place / शांत जगह
  • Ear phones are there / कान के फोन हैं

Don’t worry / चिंता मत करो

  • This conversation will remain private and is NOT Recorded / यह वार्तालाप निजी रहेगा और रिकॉर्ड नहीं किया गया है

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
i recommended this to my newly wed frnd nd it helped her....

i recommended this to my newly wed frnd nd it helped her....

Rahul Kaushik
paise nahi the or kissi ne value nahi kari

mere paas paise nahi the or kissi ne value bhi nahi kari meri thank you Raasta dikhaane ke liye

Aliza Ansari
just practical ideas

this guy is really practical


So I enrolled here after my breakup with my 2.5 year relationship. I was damm serious but few mistakes ruined everything. Here I go to know what were that mood was enlighten and It gave me lot of hope and will power to focus on my self. How to build your own personality so that you could get your lost yourself. I don't know I'll able to get my girl back at now but I know that if I do I'll be the best for her and if not, I'll be the best for myself. Thank you so much sir for making me feel my own importance.
If have any situation simalar just go for it.
Just love it❤️

Mahima Chaudhary
Aapne bacha liya

love you truck bharke